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Hail! A new King approaches!

Kingdom Incremental is a satirical city builder and incremental(clicker) genre mashup where cash is king. But to be the wealthiest ruler, you'll need to expand your kingdom across the globe! Build and design your empire from the ground up by creating a balanced economy, strategically choosing your investments, and then burning everything to the ground in order to start again with even more power!


  • Build sprawling kingdoms for your citizens to thrive.
  • Expand into the unknown and discover hidden treasures.
  • Upgrade your production chains and balance a growing economy.
  • Automate away the daily tasks of running a successful empire.
  • Defend your kingdom from the dragon menace.
  • Pass Judgment on citizens and fulfill or deny their requests.
  • Invest your tax revenue strategically back into the kingdom, or greedily into your pockets.